Module loader cobcrun options

The following list of options was extracted from cobcrun --help and shows all available options for the module loader with a short description.

  • -h, --help

    display this help and exit

  • -V, --version

    display version information for cobcrun + runtime and exit

  • -dumpversion

    display runtime version and exit

  • -i, --info

    display runtime information (build/environment)

  • -v, --verbose

    display extended output with –info

  • -c <file>, --config=<file>

    set runtime configuration from <file>

  • -r, --runtime-config

    display current runtime configuration (value and origin for all settings)

  • -M <module>, --module=<module>

    set entry point module name and/or load path where -M module prepends any directory to the dynamic link loader library search path and any basename to the module preload list (COB_LIBRARY_PATH and/or COB_PRELOAD)