SuperBOL Studio

SuperBOL Studio is a set of powerful tools to help COBOL developers maintain and improve COBOL software, bound together in a Vscode extension.

SuperBOL Studio features powerful edition and navigation in COBOL projects using an LSP (Language Server Protocol) for COBOL, debugging and profiling modes for COBOL applications, and linting and analysis of COBOL sources.


GnuCOBOL is an open-source project started in 2005 (formerly OpenCOBOL), to provide a free industry-ready compiler for COBOL. It supports most of the mainstream COBOL dialects and features, and is portable to most platforms and operating systems.

OCamlPro has been contributing actively to the development of GnuCOBOL since January 2022 for its customers, fixing bugs and contributing language extensions.


OCamlPro is a French private research lab and software company, with a strong expertise in Programming Languages, both from a theoretical and practical viewpoint. OCamlPro has been developing custom software with high added-value for more than 10 years. With many PhD-level experts, OCamlPro helps its customers take control back over large legacy projects, in many languages ranging from modern ones (Rust, OCaml) to older ones (COBOL, C, etc.) and even home-made languages.

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