GnuCOBOL Resources at OCamlPro

This page provides a list of resources on GnuCOBOL contributed by OCamlPro.

Source Code

We mirror the SVN repository of GnuCOBOL from Sourceforge on Github to improve interactions between maintainers and contributors. Visit it to propose your contributions to the project!


We provide a channel gnucobol on our public Zulip server to discuss with us about GnuCOBOL. The gnucobol channel is public, so users can make it a place for general discussions!


We provide Sphinx versions of GnuCOBOL HTML manuals:

We also have a cheat-sheet for GnuCOBOL users:

History and News

OpenCOBOL was initially released in January 2002. It was accepted as a GNU Project between 2013 and 2015, and was renamed GnuCOBOL. OCamlPro has been involved in the development since January 2022. Latest releases:


Since January 2022, we have been regularly contributing to the GnuCOBOL compiler and its ecosystem, for our customers. Our main contributions are:

  • Addition of GCOS Dialect Support
  • Support of character-sets in GCSort
  • Initial support for displaying the context of errors
  • and many bug fixes.

Long Term Support

To help companies move their legacy COBOL applications from expensive mainstream vendors to GnuCOBOL, we provide Long Term Support on the GnuCOBOL compiler and its ecosystem. We can respond to customers queries with guarranted delays for fixing bugs or providing workarounds. We can implement new features, such as extending support for specific COBOL dialects.

We always try to work with the project maintainers to upstream our changes, so that all the community can benefit from them.

Official GnuCOBOL Project on Sourceforge

The official GnuCOBOL Project is hosted on Sourceforge. It contains a SVN repository for sources and additional contributions, a lot of documentation with manuals and FAQ, a bug tracker and a user forum. Visit it to propose your contributions to the project!