GnuCOBOL 3.2 All-in-One for Windows

Package description

These MSI packages provide an “all-in-one” installation for the following products:

Select the appropriate package depending on the type of installation you wish to perform: either a user installation in your local profile (no privileges required), or a machine installation available to all users (requires administration privileges).


Important remark

The installer updates the PATH environment variable so that the compiler (cobc.exe) can be called without giving its full path. However, if any terminal remains open during installation, then no terminal (currently running or newly started) will be made aware of the changes to the PATH variable until all terminals are first closed.

Testing installation

You can check GnuCOBOL is correctly installed by opening a regular terminal (cmd.exe), and typing:

cobc --info

This should dump GnuCOBOL’s configuration.

You may also try compiling and executing the following “Hello World” program:

       PROGRAM-ID. hello.
           DISPLAY "Hello World"
           STOP RUN.

Compile and run with:

cobc -x hello.cob

This should display Hello World.

Selecting a different GCC compiler

If you need to use a GCC compiler other than the one included in this package, you can use the tool gc-config to change the GCC compiler used by GnuCOBOL.

Download links

Current release

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User installers


Machine installers

gnucobol-3.2-aio-20240306-machine.msi gnucobol-3.2-aio-20240213.msi


Release 20240402

Release 20240306

Release 20240213